Why is FireDream the right partner for you and your student in maximizing financial aid and FAFSA application process? Read our FAQ’s to learn more.

Who is Mark Warner, and what is FireDream? Mark Warner is the founder of FireDream and an experienced financial professional. With eight (yes, eight!) children of his own, he understands the stress that’s often associated with applying to college and getting the most financial aid available. As a result, he’s developed expertise in helping our clients make the most of the funding available to them as their students prepare for college.  

What does the My College Knowledge App do? It’s no secret that the college application process can be incredibly rigorous. The secure My College Knowledge App guides you through the information collection process, shows you your anticipated financial contribution (EFC) and the likelihood of receiving scholarships or other merit-based assistance. In short, it provides a clear picture of where you are today and the information you need to make the right decisions for your student and for your family going forward.  

College tuition keeps getting more and more expensive. I’m worried about how helping my child with expenses will put my retirement and investment plans at risk. Can you help? It’s true the cost of college is climbing, so the earlier you begin planning for your child to attend college, the better. We believe that a college education doesn’t have to jeopardize your financial future. You can protect and grow your assets and investments and prepare for college without breaking the bank. We’re here to help you navigate that process.  

My child is already in high school; is it too late to figure out how to pay for college? No. While it’s always a good idea to think about college savings when your kids are young, it’s never too late to start. My College Knowledge is an exceptional tool for giving you an understanding of the steps you need to take now to prepare for your child’s college education—whether that’s 10 years or 2 years from now. You’ll also better understand how choosing the right school can reduce your overall contribution and lessen student loan debt. We can even help your student obtain grants, loans, scholarships and other college funding.  

Why is a FAFSA so important? That is the number one question we get from parents who are just getting started in the college planning process. The FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) is required to be completed by any student who wants to apply for federal grants or federal loans. Many colleges require it (or the CSS profile) to be submitted before any merit-based or need-based financial aid is awarded.  

What if our income is too high to get financial aid? We recommend that all families submit a FAFSA regardless of whether or not they think they will qualify for federal aid. The information that is collected as part of the FAFSA process is used to calculated the EFC, or expected family contribution. Even students whose parents are in higher tax brackets may benefit in the form of scholarships, federally subsidized student loans and some state funding options based on FAFSA submission. Filing a FAFSA may even help students gain admission to the college of their choice over students who don’t go through the process. 

Unsure Where to Begin?

Download our College Planning Checklist to learn the common mistakes parents and students make in applying to colleges and universities—and how to avoid them with My College Knowledge.  

Download our College Planning Checklist


We’ve helped more than 2,800 families make the most of the college and a solid financial future using our proven methods:

“Thank you for your speedy response and for the kind words about our son. You helped our son prepare for the ACT/SAT as well as the GBS Scholarship interview process, so he was as prepared as he possibly could be for the peer and formal panel interviews. Thanks again for your direction and guidance through this entire process. It has helped put our minds at ease and helped our son navigate the college selection and entrance process.”

Cindy T., Frisco, TX

“Mark and his team are always willing to spend as much time as needed with me to make sure we understand all of the options available to us. They are knowledgeable and patient.”

Sudan R., Frisco, TX

When you're planning your child's future, you want to know that the other person cares about your family as well as the result. Mark's knowledge of Colleges and Universities, what they're looking for, and how to best present your son or daughter, is an enormous asset and he became an indispensable member of our small team. In the end, our son was awarded a full-ride scholarship at a 1st tier university.  

Julia & Donald B., Flower Mound, TX