Our Team

FireDream Founder & College Financial Expert Mark Warner  

With 8 children of his own to send to college, FireDream founder and college financial expert Mark Warner learned early on the ins and outs of funding a college education. For more than 20 years, he’s shared that expertise with his clients, evaluating their finances and sharing critical information to ensure they don’t overpay for college—or get saddled with years of crippling student loan debt.  

By working with the team to develop The My College Knowledge App, Mark is providing families just like yours a powerful tool in preparing for the college admissions process. That includes understanding the financial aid opportunities available and how to pick the best college based on your preferences and financial situation.  

The FireDream & My College Knowledge App Team  

At FireDream, we believe in bringing together the right people to create the right solutions for our clients. That means that in addition to the advantages provided by the My College Knowledge App, we have the ability to customize our programs to your family’s unique needs and deliver unrivaled assistance in helping your child achieve their long-term dreams.  

Our team includes:  

Masters-level college counselors FAFSA and CSS specialists Experts in high-demand degree fields SAT/ACT prep professionals Scholarship researchers College essay analysts and writers Offer letter reviewers and negotiators